Bonding between the sisters are getting there. Zara can recognize Nana as Nana calling her name. And she'll smile back to her. Nana always lean me a hand whenever I attending Zara. Boleh diharap. Kalau d suruh ambil apa2 (diapers and such) mmg dia tau d mana and tak byk kerenah. She loves Zara. And Zara does look scare of her (sebab Nana nak cium adik dia - ganas). But they pretty well connected to each other. I hope I can make them as close as possible, so the bonding the two hopefully unbreakable. I just love them.

My life is about routine. Wake up in the morning, I workout - while waiting for them to wake up. Zara will be awake by 7 and then the chaos will start. Bathing, massaging, cooking, feeding, cleaning and such. and between the chaos, hugging and cuddling with them. Just the 3 of us. + one the grandma :) (of coz)

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