nothing more. nothing less.

wow! guess what ... i am officially 28 years old today!


it's been 28 years. ya Allah. mana pegi 28 tahun tu? sangatlah cepat masa berlalu. really-really fast. rasanya baru semalam aku 18 tahun. sekarang ni dah 28 tahun. huhu. cepat betul. tak sedar.
tahun ni, i don't feel like to celebrate my bday with my friends sangat lah kot. memadai tak if i wish i can take studio pictures with my daughters. aci la ek.

so, we go to petrel studio for taking pictures. with nana and lia. it was ... tiring but very memorable! i hope i can take picture of my daughters every year on my birthday. i would like to see differences every year. i hope i could treasure it and look at it when my hair turn to grey ... one day ... insyallah. kalau umur panjang...

what else i want in my life.. i have a good husband (the best in the world), i have my daughters, i have my family. i have all the love in the world. i could not ask for more. i wish life as simple as this. as beautiful and a little bit of challenge to brighten days up... nothing more. nothing less.

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