Update on Mom's Bday

On 23th july was my mum's bday. We did celebrate but in moderate and loving atmosphere. alhamdulillah, mak su joined us to celebrate our queen. the started with breakfast at 'the choice' - an indian restaurant. lucky for us, we didn't have to pay a cents since there's a friend did pay all the food for us.

Mum's get her bday present from us. my elder sister gave her a thousand ringgit. My elder brother, my sister and me, we share and bought her a new hp. she got a few more presents from my steps siblings.

Wishes goes on and on that day. the hp and home phone mmg tak berenti2 lah. sangat la bingit. but i truely happy for her. everytime the phone rang, i said to her, 'it's not mine'. and she smiled.

so, this is it. happy birthday dearest mother. you are always an inspiration to me. a place to find love and care. a place i always felt loved and blessed. i love you mama. thank you mama for loving me, taking care of me. and now, you love my daghters and care about them as you always do to me. we love you mama... love you so much!

with love,

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