smile with your life...

have you ever practice it? put a smile on your face no matter what life has for us? i did. sometimes. but not all the time. i learned that tears can bring positive things .. instead being recognize as a symbol of sadness .. tears may also brings inner peace and whenever things went pretty wrong, it will make and built inside us one stage stronger and better.

in a few hours time. i will turn 28 yrs old. i have to say i feel i am older than 28 yrs may sound. outside i do look cheerful and energized. but inside i felt weak and tired. it makes me afraid to face the future and to look at it even further.

the fact now, i am not only responsible only to my own self. i have another 2 souls to taking care of. i cannot just being selfish and making decision as what my heart tell. i have to consider either my action may effect them as well.

the fact that i love them more that i love myself. i start taking care of my health so that i could focus on them even better.

i hope i can be a better mother. a better guardians. the best they shall ever had. it's not my birthday. it is our day to celebrate together. i love them. i love Nana. i love Lia.

Happy birthday to me.
may my wish to see my daughters catches the best thing in their life shall be granted. insyallah.

live life. love life.

with love,

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