Home {Sweet} Home

when the first time i step into this house... it's look like this, accept that, you are looking just the best place of the house ( coz i only snap the good one la kan ). the drain, the bocorness, the dust, the mest, the upwanted cabinet - all in one.

we entered the house a month ago. we cleaned, we polished, we put things together again. with all the strenght that we got ( yes, ada kakitangan datang dari my place pula - my sister and his daughters ), and not to forgot, my mum ( which helps me a lot to watch over the princess while me and hubby cleanning. my lil bro also there. (and his future wife - i crossed my fingers hee..)

finally .. this house is upgraded to a place which we called "home".

finally, the princess can sleep, bermanja-manja, berguling-guling at our home. not that we own it. but at least, for now, it's our "home sweet home".

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