It is complicated

Cerita ceriti nya begini :

I have a sister. a good but complicated sister. she's no longer a carier woman, she used to be. she's a housewife now with a lot of responsibilities. i do admire her at some point of life, but i do argue some of her attitude. above all, whatever she is .. she is .. she still .. she'll forever be - my sister.

I have a sister in law. a very good sister in law. i used to live with her during zz was away. she live together with my mom. she's a good person. a good listener too. she is a great mother. the 'almost' perfect wife - in fact she's the best considering a lot of my brother's weaknesses. i am not assuming her as an angel - but .. she is close to that. she is there whenever i'm in need. she helped me a lot during my wedding days. she was the one bathing nana while i was not fit to do so. she's - orait ... i confess now. my guardian angel.

Now, the two have some arguement. I don't want to intefere the arguement. and my sis in law always dont like me to get involve. unlike my sister. she wants me to be at her side. i know i as a younger sister - i should. but what if my sister does make a huge mistake?

Sometimes i wonder - what will life brings attitude changes to me. my mom said, when she (my sister) was younger, she is not acting such this. she a good hearted person. does the money change her ? or, does the hormone? huhu. or does the time testing her?

I wonder. do i have that kind of blood? i hope not. i hope i'm not blaming people the way she is right now. i hope during that age, i'm still me right now. in between. just so-so person. not a troublemaker. always in peace and happy enviroment.

I pray to Allah. Hopefully i manage to take care of my health and heart.I hope when i die, my family will remember me as a peacemaker and a calm n good hearted person. Amin.

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