Me vs Life

I've been blessed. Everyday. Every morning, i wake up, i sees my daughters and my husband is right besides me. Alhamdulillah ...

Walaupun begitu ...

Only Allah knows, how difficult it was for me. i'm very new in "housekeeping a.k.a housestaying a.k.a housewife". haha. tell me about it. it's really the most challengging job in the world (considering, no payday, no bonus, no holidays, not even a time to do manicure).

but then again, i'm blessed. blessed to experience this, in this life.

Oh yea, gigi lia dah tumbuh. baru d permukaan gusi. and she is a bit cranky. mungkin tak selesa. sian lia. the father really happy dapat berpeluang utk melihat n experience sendiri anak dia tumbuh gigi. macam anak 1st pula. masa nana dulu, dia jauh. jadi time lia ni, dia excited sikit.

nana- we will be looking for a suitable school for her for next year. not sure smart reader or else, but insyALLAH, we try our best to give what she deserve. the ordinary kindergarden will do, as long as i know that place is a safe place for her. mudah-mudahan ALLAH permudahkan urusan utk "mengunjar" school utk nana. Amin.

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