Busy And Plead

Dah lama tak update blog. I was so busy like a bee. a lot of things to do and I want to do, but the time is not much. with 2 kids kept me accompany, my time is shorter than i thought. :)

I was happy. and I'm still happy with this routine. even there's days which i felt so tired. so tense with nana and lia's crankiness. I'm grateful for what I had.

there's ...
a few bad things came up last week. which I felt terribly guilty, ashamed and hatred. I hate when this kind of things appear in my life line. I hate to hear it and feel it. I wish to push it away from me, and my family.

Men is still a men. and women is still a women. what can we say. there's nothing much I can say about others personnel life. It's just not right to say it out loud. (don't you think?). Couldn't help it. I'm still worry.

I wish... everything is gonna be okay. I wish for Happiness. Please, Ya Allah.

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