Uncle Ghani with Farhan, Tasha, Nana, Farah and Alisha Kundasang Trip, December 2008

Today, is one of a great person's birthday. He is like a father to me and he treated me and my family as his. He is my sister in law's father.

I couldn't ever thank him for what he did, helping me out in any possible way. My weddings, my first pregnancy, and while waiting for Nana's delivery, I stayed at his home for more than a months. when Nana was born, he arranged all the important things and helped us out. when lia was born, he and aunt yati, was in labuan and of cuz he'll be the handy man like always.

Happy Birthday Uncle Ghani. Thanks God I met you and your family. I wished all the happiness will always attached with you and your family.

And today is also somebody's Wedding Anniversary - which is none other my brother and my lovely sis F. Happy Anniversary to them. all the hardness and the sweet time will not be the same without them. I would like them to know that I love them, I love their Happiness and I wish them many and many happy years ahead. till death do us apart. Amin. (bro, you found the 1 in the million person, no doubt!) happy anniversary dear bro and sis!

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