why? why? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
why i'm alone here and there got to have fun there?
it's not fair mama!

we was in labuan and nana and ur other cousin were having fun playing with the sands. u were so tense cos i dont want u to get wet and sandy. sorry my dear... later on when u get bigger i'll let u play with the sandy beach.


a sweet smile just for you mama

we were in our favourite restaurant with papa n nana. there u are giving me your sweet smile.


alia, you just woke up. the mountain is showing kebesaran ALLAH. without wasting the time, i asked daddy to snap a photo with you. it's so precious moment doesn't it darling? u are soooo chubby this time. just like your daddy..



Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

ahahahaha....lia sungguh cumil! geram tgk dia...macam marah betul dia tu...ekekeke.

Effa_zizi said...

mmg sangat marah .. hehe... dia geram tak dpt nak crawling kt pasir...