nana's favourite song..

so rare to find a friend like you
somehow when you're around, the sky is always blue

the way you talk , the things you say
the way you make it all ok..
and how you know all of my jokes
but you laugh anyway..

if i could wish for one thing
i'll take the smile that you bring
wherever u go in the world i'll come along

togerther we breath the same dream
whatever i'm here for you , you;re here for me..

two voices.. one song.. :)


dinie's said...

best lagu tu..aku pun sukew jgk..ekekeke.. skang sarah yasmeen ayat dia 'to the infinity and beyond'... ekekeke.. cuba teka ??

enz said...

er... citer ape tu ek?

nana sekarang... obsesss dengan dora the explorer.. dui.....

dinie's said...

toy story..mmg addicted dr 1st till newest ni..
dulu pun suka dora jgk,dia tgk nicktoon setiap pg start dr yo gabba gabba till kailan..