P 365 : Day 18 :- My life starts when I reach Motherhood

Alia - it's time for nap.

When i was young, i was rather a good girl. Easy to be handled. Not so cranky but I cry easily. I am my family's sweetheart. Loved by everyone. And with a good grades everytime, I am sure to have anything my heart desire. 

Then, my life moves on to college life. Even better! But i learn to word 'FAILURE'. Cos I fall so hard. I never failed before. And that was to worst moment in my life. 

I did not continue my studies, and I start working. And then I met HIM. The one that I've been waiting for. We got married and waited for 3 years, to enter this term - Parenthood.

Before this our life is easy and hectic-free. Nothing to worry (we was worry if we can not have any babies before) ..

When I know I got pregnant, I was not sure. I called him at 5 am (waktu msia) about 12 am (france time). He was already sleep there. 

We was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY.

and the nine months is like - heaven. (i love to eat and eat and happy for everyone is somehow being so nice to me for the whole 9 months)

And the challenge starts when Nana was born. I got to know the challenge being a mother, being a guardian. To give comfort, to let go our freedom. It's all about the her. Everything.

The most challenging is it. Motherhood. 

I am so proud to be able to be a mother. So grateful and love the sweet and smile moment. But of cos, there's time I felt so disappointed and so stressful. Especially yang tak dengar cakap kita punya part. i even cried last night cos she is not listening, when i try to teach her how to write the number 3.

Huh. :)
Being a mother is not easy. Not a smooth going journey. Having a healthy and active child does not mean the smile in your face is 'permanent'. At times, the challenge is there. 

Being a mother is a blessing. I can never said to myself, i want to live without them. If i have a choice to work and have my own money and freedom, I will say, I am comfortable here, at home, with my kids - biarlah i stress everytime. :) 

Because I {heart} them so much. I know about challenge, about love. I learn a lot from them. Love with unconditional. 'cinta tanpa syarat'.

I don't know about all mothers. I don't know, about your journey. but I assume, every mother in this world love their children unconditionally.

Happy Tuesday! Have a great day with your loved one! :)


azieazah said...

Kak Azie tak tau cemana nak describe... sbb Kak Azie ada 6 orang anak, bekerja juga dan tidak pernah ada orang gaji.

So lupa dah cemana perit membesarkan. Sebab sentiasa merasa betapa manis dn indah jer ada anak-anak.....

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

wow!! nnt suru anak2 baca ni!!

Effa Sahat said...

Kak AA.

That's why i described me as a 'manja' type . hehe. tak buat keje umh masa muda-mudah! haha (padan muka saya). so, bila membesarkan anak-anak dan mengharung motherhood ni sendiri di rumah 24 with kids, saya stress.

i ask my mom. macam mana ye mummy besarkan kami dulu ...

My mom said "kamu dulu tak seaktif ini dan tak sesukar ini!" Ahah!

Ok.... hmmm.. terus tengok kt 2 orang ini dengan menjeling.. huhuhu...


Kenapa nak suh derang baca? hehehe...

dinie said...

alia... bucukkk bucukkk... =)

Ribbon Clown said...

oh Effa..sounds so familiar..I have a toddler to handle 24/7 and he demands lots of attention from me (us).. and I always ended up with mood swings.. I always feel I'm a bad mom but sometimes those stresses are hard to shoosh away..

but but I love my position as a SAHM since I'm totally against the idea of sending my child to childcare.. money?-out of question..let my husband be the only breadwinner dah la kan..hehe