Night Notes

Gambar-gambar senja tadi ...

My life recently :-

  • Sibuk dengan aktiviti bakat ; siapa kata surirumah bosan dan tak ada kerja di rumah, selama aku rasa, kerja jadi surirumah ni la kerja tak reti nak tamat. Tidur pun rasa macam 'on call'. Being a mother and a housewife totally is an awesome job, but it can be challenging as well. 
  • Cuba untuk meet other's expectation. Walaupun I felt it is sangat tidak munasabah. 
  • I welcoming myself to the 'bakat's "world". Not a simply come and join macam tu je. Now, I must learn how to organize people and most importantly organizing my time and my kids. 
  • Try untuk masak setiap hari without miss. Try not to give any reason for escaping my responsibility. 
  • Try not to watch TV as frequent ; giving my kids a good example. We can life the basic's life. 
That's all for now.  It's time to cuddling with my loved one. Happy cuddling people :)


Yan said...

cantik view sunset kan..

Effa Sahat said...

mmg kak yan. tempat saya ni dekat dgn karambunai ... :))

Daddy Ziyyad said...

nice view..seriously..
nice home...

~so jealous~

norh said...

we can life the basic's life.. hiks :)

Effa Sahat said...

yes norh. i want to live a basics life. perlukan moden secara berkadar. terlalu byk entertaiment .. jahanam kehidupan .. hehe. ilmiah is okey... :))

daddy ziyyad.
cantik kan ? Malangnya enviroment tentera. so quite stressful living inside the pagar besi. hehe. the house, the view. is superb.